Review: Torque Quintet Baltic Porter (5th Anniversary)

I picked this up at Torque Brewing a few weeks ago only days after their fifth anniversary, Quintet Baltic Porter. It's a Baltic Porter (well duh) that is 9.2% ABV and 30 IBU.

Appearance: Thick, heavy, black as the night with a bit of a cola brown hue to it. No noticeable carbonation in the body but the head is a light yellowish-beige head that doesn't want to go away.

Aroma: Molasses, caramel, roasted malt to give it off notes of coffee, slightly spiced, dark chocolate. Pretty straight forward so far.

Taste: This is a sweet, dark, roasted Baltic Porter with a burnt coffee presence, dark chocolate, puffed wheat squares, caramel and molasses. Quite sweet, a tad watery on the palate but leaves behind a moderate bitter aftertaste at the end.

Overall Thoughts: A straight up classic Baltic Porter - sweet, roasted, smooth but definitely heavy. It's early October but it feels like it may as well be July still - I think I'd enjoy this more if the weather was more Octoberish than July. Solid though.

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