Review: Burdock Vermont Blond Pale Ale

Burdock Brewery
Vermont Blond Pale Ale

From their website: Our most crushable and easy drinking ale - for when you want a beer. Subtle dry-hop with Citra and fermented with a yeast strain that producesw some real lovely grapefruit rind esters. Designed to refresh. Weather forecast: crispy with a chance of lemon blossoms. 4.5% ABV

Appearance: Very cloudy lemon-yellow body with a good amount of fluffy snow white head on top. Lots of carbonation in the body

Aroma: Lemon citrus notes with a grassy hop presence to it, slightly grainy, fairly light and crisp, hint of grapefruit rind. Nothing overpowering at all.

Taste: Mildly citrusy with predominantly notes of lemon and grapefruit. It's crisp, fairly light, a tad grainy,  slight grassy. 

Overall Thoughts: I've never tried anything by Burdock before so I was expecting this to be a brewery out of the US and not so much a brewery out of Toronto. Also, I was thinking what is a Vermont Blond? This doesn't remind me much of the beers I've had in Vermont in the past but it's a solid light Pale Ale with citrus notes, a bit of a grassiness to it, very crisp and even crushable. Something my mom still wouldn't like but definitely lawn mower worthy.

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