Review: Burdock Pilsner

Yesterday I reviewed
Burdock Brewery's Vermont Blond, and today I'm trying out their Pilsner. The Pilsner tops out at 4.5% ABV. Real Crispy. Real Nice - A crisp, dry, European-style Pilsner. Refreshing bitterness, showing off our lovely pilsner malt. Dry-hopped with European hops for an herbal, subtle character. 

Appearance: Cloudiest Pilsner I've seen in quite a while - lemon-yellow body with a lot of carbonation in the body and a full finger worth of snow white head on top. The head doesn't diminish much as the beer is being sampled.

Aroma: Quite citrus-forward with lemon, floral hop presence, moderate grassiness to it, slight bitterness and for the most part it smells like well, a brewery. A bit more aggressive than your typical Euro Pils but so far.. I like it.

Taste: Very floral-forward Pilsner with a light amount of pine bitterness to it. Notes of lemon, lightly toasted malt, slight soapy. Quite sweet, moderately dry and the aftertaste is pretty subtle with just a hint of hop to it, but not really aggressive.

Overall Thoughts: One of the more aggressive, hoppier Pilsners I've had in quite some time. It wasn't what I expected but this is the kind of Pilsner I fell in love with around 2015 or so. It's floral, crisp, sweet, your craft beer drinker's Pilsner, not your grandfather's Pilsner. Would I drink this again? If I see it available at Quality Beer Store again and the weather is decent, I definitely will.

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