Review: Vessel Bread Crumb Trail Porter (Just Desserts Series)

Today I'm checking out Bread Crumb Trail Porter by Vessel Beer out of Winnipeg. Bread Crumb Trail is a Black Forest cake-inspired cherry porter, part of the brewery's Just Desserts series of beers. The beer tops out at 6% ABV.

Appearance: Rich, dark, black as the night. The head is thick with a yellowish-beige hue to it, gradually diminishes to a light layer of head with a sprinkling of lacing on the side of the glass.

Aroma: A sharp cherry tartness with a lot of chocolate and fudge, so yeah.. a Black Forest-inspired porter for sure. It's got a tad bit of nuttiness to it, tad roasted malt profile and a hint of molasses at the end. 

Taste: Dark porter with a tad bit of a roasted malt presence to it, a lot of chocolate and a lot of cherry. A tad earthy. Quite a bit tart, quite sweet, very dessert-forward.

Overall Thoughts: When I first had this straight from the can, I didn't think it tasted like Black Forest cake but all beers should be savoured from a glass and this time around it definitely has a very dessert-forward vibe to it. I'm not a fan of Black Forest cake though as I'm not typically a cherry fan, but this definitely replicates it quite a bit, so if you're a cake fan, enjoy!

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