Review: Devil May Care Nothin But the Hops West Coast IPA - Vol 01: Idaho 7, Strata, Azacca

Last week I picked a couple cans of Devil May Care's volume 1 of their Nothin But the Hops West Coast IPA which features Idaho 7, Strata and Azacca hops. I really enjoyed it to the point that I didn't have any time to actually review it. Going back to my local liquor store a few days ago I noticed that they only had a couple cans left so of course I had to pick them up before anyone else could! 6.4% ABV

Appearance: Some clarity to it but moderately, caramel/honey body with a good amount of off beige hue to it.

Aroma: West Coast IPA with a moderate bitterness to it, floral notes, caramel. Light amount of citrus notes, a hint of grapefruit. 

Taste: Bitterness up front with a moderate amount of pine to it, notes of caramel, moderate floral presence, a tad woody. Sweet, moderately bitter but not aggressive, tad citrusy. Aftertaste is pretty muted for me, maybe a bit of a floral aftertaste? I don't know.

Overall Thoughts: When I first bought this, I was expecting more of a bitter-forward presence from the hops but yeah.. they're a tad bitter but it's incredibly smooth to the palate and incredibly welcoming. I'm excited to see many, many different beers in this series!

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