Review: Oxus Suur Tõll Baltic Porter

I feel like every time I review a beer by Oxus Brewing, I say that I need to drink their beer more - They're easily one of the most underrated breweries on the prairies but somehow I keep forgetting to pick up their product. I've also been craving stouts and porters a great deal lately so seeing Suur Tõll Baltic Porter at my local LC, I was giddy - I loooove a good Baltic Porter and with it being the deep freeze part of winter on the prairies, I definitely need something to warm me up a bit. 

From the label: Full-bodied sweet and roasty Baltic porter, traditionally brewed, bottom fermented and lagered to smooth perfection. 7.5% ABV

Appearance: Thick dark brown with a cola-like body to it, a bit of a black cherry hue to it when put against the light. The head is moderate with a burnt caramel hue to it. The head goes down pretty gradually, leaving behind o noticeable lacing on the glass.

Aroma: Solid Porter with a rich nuttiness to it, a lot of milk chocolate, a tad boozy, moderate amount of roasted malt presence to give it a bit of coffee-like aroma to it. Quite sweet with a good amount of brown sugar sprinkled in just to be sure.

Taste: Rich, roasty and nutty. There's a good amount of roasted malt presence to give it a moderate coffee presence, as well as a bit of a peaty earthiness and a bit of a nuttiness at the end. Quite sweet with lots of chocolate, caramel, brown sugar and a bit of a booziness to it. Fairly creamy for mouthfeel, the aftertaste is a tad peat but also a tad apple-like.

Overall Thoughts: This hit the spot. I don't know why Manitoba Liquor Marts don't stock more stouts and porters during the winter because when it's -30 or colder, this is what I need. I feel like a barrel aged version of this would be spectacular but definitely doesn't need to be.. it's absolutely tasty! 

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