Review: Postmark Summer Ale

Yeahhhhh it's certainly not summer but I'm trying to go through my hoard and clear out any beers I haven't tried yet, today I'm trying out Vancouver's Postmark Brewing's Summer Ale. The beer is described as fresh, fruity and perfectly crushable. The ideal brew for summers on the coast. Water, malt, hops, yeast. 4.8% ABV / 10 IBU

Appearance: Pours a rich golden body with a bit of a orange to copper hue to it, not quite clear but not opaque either, sediment floating throughout the glass and the head is a moderate yet light, off white in appearance.

Aroma: So far the beer has aged fine as it's been in my fridge for who knows how long of a time. The aroma is sweet and tropically with notes of mango, grapefruit and pineapple. There's a bit of a caramel aroma in there, as well as a wet toasted barley aroma as well.

Taste: The sweetness pops up right at the beginning yet again this time around giving off a bit of a pineapple and orange peel presence to it. Very crisp on the palate, a bit too easy to drink, I can't keep up for the review! Not overly sweet, but nice and tropical, easy to drink, tad grainy, bit of piney hop bitterness.

Overall Thoughts: Solid Summer ale, easy to drink, moderately tropical and sweet, incredibly crushable.

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