From the archives: Rickard's Dark Ale review (2010)

25/52! Rickards Dark Ale
Review from the archives - August 10, 2010

Yeah, I know.. my reviews have been going downhill lately, reviewing mass produced swill, but as I've been at the farm for several weeks now, the closest beer vendors only sell the domestics and a few imports, that's all.

I tried Rickard's Dark nearly a year ago, and frankly, didn't care about it at the time but forget why. So I thought it was time to see why I didn't like it.

Rickard's Dark, which is an attempt by Molson to attempt to appear as not only a large factory brewery, but also as a small town microbrewery, fails big time. Rickard's Dark looks dark, but the flavour is boring, very minimal, more suitable for those who want a creamier lager (yes creamier). the aroma is slightly ale-like, the taste has a bit of a roasted bite to it, but apparently it's supposed to have a hint of maple, but that's only noticeable at all from the aftertaste, and not in the actual taste.

Molson Dark is a poor execution of a "dark ale", it may look like an ale, but that's all it is. Frankly, I stopped buying Rickard's products completely after the taster packs included this beer. I've had better. If this was an actual "Molson" branded beer, it'd be one of their best beers, but since it's a "Rickard's", which tries to have a microbrew appeal, it fails.

The beer is 4.8% alcohol/volume and 341mL bottle.

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