Review: Beau's & DavidsTea London Fog

It's been a few years since I've had a tea beer, specifically thinking of Mill Street's Lemon Tea Beer and Big Rock's Life of Chai. Beau's has teamed up with David's Tea to make a London Fog Ale.

From the label: London Fog is brewed with an infusion of DAVIDsTEA Organic Cream of Earl Grey tea blend. We’ve added rich vanilla and organic lactose (milk sugar) to create the creamy, comforting experience of an earl grey latte… in a beer! Go ahead and treat yourself to a mug of this full flavoured, decadent golden ale.

Appearance: This pours a cloudy golden/orange body with a good amount of carbonation in the body, very thick head that has an off white/beige hue to it.

Aroma: Very much Earl Grey tea, sweet, herbal and a tad floral presence to it. The malt used gives the beer even more sweetness to it. The beer has a bit of a woodiness to it, a bit of cream, a tad bitterness, and overall has a Pale Ale meets an Earl Grey tea vibe to it, slight soapiness at the end.

Taste: Decently sweet, bubble gum, herbal, tad bitter and somewhat floral. The beer reminds me a good deal of Beau's Countdown Pale Ale that I reviewed the other day - heavy on the malt to give it a very sweet graininess and a bit of nuttiness to it. There's a good amount of Earl Grey tea here to give it some herbal tea presence to it. There's a bit of creaminess in this beer and overall.. good amount of sweetness.

Overall Thoughts: The Earl Grey pops out decently in this beer but honestly it reminds me of a typical Pale Ale otherwise and if I wasn't told that this was a beer brewed with tea, I probably wouldn't have noticed as the malt and hops alone can typically replicate the Earl Grey tea taste pretty well. Decently creamy, but overall moderately sweet and herbal.

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