Review: Blindman Brewing Kettle Sour #13 (DDH Hallertau blanc and huell melon)

!Hola amigos! Today I'm checking out Lacombe AB's Blindman Brewing's Kettle Sour #13 brewed with Double Dry Hopped Hallertau blanc and huell melon. From the label: "Soured in the kettle with lactobacillus, fermented with brewer's yeast. Double Dry-Hopped with a couple of fruity German hops, enjoy!" 4.5% ABV / 7 IBU

Appearance: Pours a light cloudy lemon yellow body with a light amount of carbonation. The head is mostly concentrated closer to the glass than the rest, giving off a snow white hue to it. Further from the glass, there's a bit of creamy film from the incredibly tiny bubbles in this beer.

Aroma: The first thing I got was the aroma from the hops, quite floral and somewhat bitter, giving off a floral, grassy and somewhat piney presence to it. Decent amount of sourness in this beer to give off lemon, and for some reason a hint of green tea.. giving it off a near iced tea kind of vibe to it, but much more sour.

Taste: The sour lemon taste dominates the beer, there's a bit of a grassy hop presence in here too but the tartness of lemons is what I'm getting most. Decent amount of grassiness coming from the hops with a hint of pine as well. The mouthfeel is dry but not too dry for a Kettle Sour, the aftertaste is incredibly minimal at best.. a bit of lemon and a bit of grass.. that's really about it.

Overall Thoughts: The label is what made me purchase this beer at the Quality Beer Store in the first place, very simplistic and could be done right in Microsoft Paint, but really pops out - a farmer pushing a massive hop in a wheel barrow. Kettle Sours aren't really something I sample often, but this was decent - it was mostly tart lemons and hops popping up for me but it was enjoyable, easy to drink and not too aggressive with my stomach.

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