Review: Alexander Keith's Saphir Hop ale

The hop series over at Alexander Keith's must be doing really well for Labatt, as this is the 4th beer in their Hop series of ales, too bad they didn't try brewing an actual India Pale Ale. The newest arrival is the Saphir hop - which isn't a hop I'm too familiar with.

Appearance: Saphir hop ale pours a golden honey, clear, pale and a decent amount of creamy beige head.

Aroma: Too light for me, a hint of peppery spice, a bit of lemon and bitterness of black tea.

Taste: Minimal maltiness, hint of bitter hops that gives it a profile similar to a watered down black tea. lemon, very grassy, hint of caramel. 

Overall thoughts: Underwhelming as we'd expect, there's sweet notes that are reminiscent to the Galaxy Hop ale, but this might be a bit sugary and black tea rather than a hoppy ale. Very easy to drink, light peppery aroma. Meh.

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