Review from the archives: Labatt Shock Top Raspberry White (2014)

Labatt has been really pushing their Shock Top brand across Canada lately, and their marketing agency had plans to advertise their beer as a craft beer, which is not in any shape or form, a craft beer. Shock Top has replaced Rickard's on tap at most pubs I frequent. A lot of pubs frankly don't have any craft beer offerings, so I would rely on Rickard's to get a beer fix, but now.. it's near impossible. Here's a review from the archives, Shock Top Raspberry White from April

Appearance: Shock Top Raspberry White pours like a standard Belgian-style witbier, a very murky golden beer, as thick as the Assiniboine. As I pour the Assiniboine.. uh.. I mean the Raspberry Wheat Ale, it’s fizzing up like a can of ginger ale, which isn’t normal for most wheat ales but seeing that this likely has a fruit syrup concentrate, it makes more sense.

Aroma: Reminiscent of store bought raspberry jam, overly sweet, sugary, but the kind of raspberry jam that brings you back memories. There’s a vague malty sweetness coming from the wheat.. and honestly, that’s all I’m really noticing.

Taste: Fairly pale Belgianesque wheat ale with notes of raspberry. The flavour of raspberry honestly doesn’t do it for me, it reminds me of the fake raspberry flavour you see in gum and candy - a bit syrupy and overly sweet. There is a light amount of a bitterness coming off the wheat used, giving it a nice dense breadiness to it, but it’s mostly powered by the raspberry sweetness.

Overall Thoughts: Not bad, certainly drinkable but my problem is that the raspberry is way too sweet and faux syrupy, if it had a hint of coriander to it, it would be a bit better. Just over $3.00 per 473mL can.

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