Review: Half Pints' Dead Ringer Belgian IPA

Tonight's newest review is Half Pints' Dead Ringer Belgian IPA, a beer that was only available for purchase at the beer garden for the Canadian Cyclocross Championship event, and now on tap at the growler stations at the brewery and a limited amount of Liquor Marts. I love Belgian ales and I love IPAs. So why not both?!

Appearance: Dead Ringer pours a hazy golden honey, very cloudy and a decent amount of creamy IPAlicious foam on top. Obviously the growler in the photo isn't a Half Pints' growler, but I had to make due with what I had (as I had my Souris River growler mugged from me!)

Aroma: notes of various hops including cascade, a bit of Belgian yeast, lemon, bubble gum, coriander.. And even notes that remind me of sorachi ace hops.

Taste: The yeast and hops hit the palate at the same time. Medium amount of bittering and floral hops with a Belgian yeastiness that gives a bit of a bite. A bit grainy, a hint of coriander and a smidge of lemon.

Overall Thoughts: Very solid Belgian IPA. Has great yeasty & citrus notes while containing great floral hoppiness to it. Not overpowering so it's the kind of IPA that is great with dinner. Not as near bitter as Little Scrapper. If this became a new seasonal from Half Pints, I'd buy up lots of it!

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