Review: Brasseurs du Monde Houblonnière American IPA

Review: Brasseurs du Monde Houblonnière American IPA by Cody La Bière
One of my jackass roommates has been secretly drinking from my hoard for a while now. I discovered this when one of my Québec hoard beer bottles was empty, and in a box of empties.. sure I get drunk now and then, but I DO NOT drink my hoard, even if I feel like shit and need a drink.. badly. Anywho..

I've been holding this beer in my hoard for a bit too long, so better now than never, this is Houblonnière by Brasseurs du Monde out of Saint-Hyacinthe, a short (by my prairie standards) drive to Montréal. I'm dubbing this beer "Hopper", as that's what it loosely translates too (and I like saying Hopper)

Appearance: Houblonnière pours a very rich caramel amber IPA, very hazy and a great mixture of sediment/yeast floating out and about, not for the faint of (beer) heart. A light beige head that's gracing against the glass. I like the label, it makes you think that it's going to be a hop bomb (er grenade) of flavour, that makes me excited!

Aroma: It lives up to its name, and if you are a hop head like me, you'll enjoy it. It has a nice floral alfalfa & lightly piney aroma to it. Caramel maltiness which gives it a nice sweet balance.. this smells like an IPA I'd LOVE to have on tap, LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Taste: It's like an old friend you haven't seen in a while, a pleasant surprise, it's a very good take on American IPAs, it mixes a bit of East Coast meets West Coast, a very good sweet caramel flavour to it backed by a bitter bitterness of floral hops, a bit spiced, and slightly grassy. I love it.

Overall Thoughts: Would drink again. Very solid IPA and one of the better ones I've had in the past few months, possibly one of the best since Fort Garry's Portage & Main IPA. Houblonnière is 5.2% ABV and comes in a very nice 500mL bottle.. I still wish we had 500mL bottles here, it's perfect for individual samples.. like say at a barley lunch.. it won't get you tipsied up!

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Anonymous said...

Hope the stolen one was not the Shawi Handshake !!