Review: Sam Adams' Longshot Beer Flower Wheat Ale

Review: Sam Adams' Longshot Beer Flower Wheat Ale by Cody La Bière
From last year's Longshot American Homebrew Contest over at Sam Adams, tonight's review is of the winning entry Beer Flower Wheat Ale, which is a light wheat pale lager with floral notes of hibiscus, to give off a great refreshing summertime patio taste.

Appearance: Golden straw yellow, slightly clear, slightly hazy, decent amount of off-white head. Looks like an unfiltered wheat lager for the most part.

Aroma: Scent of straw, lemon and floral notes coming from the hibiscus. Wheat is the predominant aroma in this brew, but it's very light and lageresque to the nose.

Taste: Just like the aroma, it has a light wheat lager aroma, some lemon citrus, and a hint of hisbiscus flowers. It's decent for a beer with friends on the patio or by the lake, but just average for the most part.

Overall Thoughts: I was expecting more out of this beer, the name is a bit random at "Beer Flower Wheat", it's like it's listing off what's in it or something. It's nowhere as floral as it should be from the hibiscus flower, tastes like your standard wheat lager (like a Grasshopper), nothing to write home about. The Hibiscus beer over at Dieu du Ciel makes much more use out of the hibiscus flower than this beer did. 5.8% ABV, higher alcohol content than most wheat ale/lagers.

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