Review: Granville Island Thirsty Farmer Saison (Black Notebook Series)

Review: Granville Island Thirsty Farmer Saison (Black Notebook Series) by Cody La Bière
Last winter, I reviewed Granville Island's Saison, and drank plenty of it! This time around, Granville Island has ANOTHER saison up their sleeve, this time the Thirsty Farmer Saison that uses freshly harvested unmalted wheat and rye. Being a farm guy.. it's pretty hard to get a good batch of harvested batch of wheat/rye when it was being brewed but hey.. whatever floats their boat!

To me, as a farm boy, a saison is the perfect beer to end the day after a long hot mosquitoy day in the field.. however for most farmers, a Farmhouse Ale (Saison) isn't what farmers drink in this day and age.. now they're in an era of lagers... Bud (Light), Kokanee and the like..

Appearance: Thirsty Farmer pours a hazy lemon-orange peel, very beautiful saison with close to no sediment. Nice amount of off-white head.

Aroma: The mixture of "freshly harvested wheat & rye" helps give it a slight edge, a nice grainy aroma, followed by Belgium yeast, slightly spiced and very lightly smoked, very sweet like a good saison, hints of lemon & other citrus, very solid.

Taste: A very yeasty and grainy saison, the rye gives it a slight bite to it, while the yeast gives it that standard Belgian-style saison, a bit of spiciness that I can't put my finger on it. Very sweet, very yeasty, grainy, the kind of beer one SHOULD see a farmer scarfing down on a hot summer evening instead of a Bud Light.

Overall Thoughts: Apparently my LC still has a bottle of the previous saison available so I'll have to do a comparison sometime. This is what should be a real farmer's beer, a very grainy, nitty gritty, straight out solid saison, very sweet, very easy to drink and 6.2% ABV & 30 IBU. I'll drink this again. Very solid saison.‎

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