Review: Dieu du Ciel Chaman Imperial Pale Ale

Review: Dieu du Ciel Chaman Imperial Pale Ale by Cody La Bière
Happy IPA Day everyone! If you are like me and love hops, a bitter beer with a bitterness that reminds you of munching on flowers and a malty sweetness that's of caramel and various citrus notes like lemon, then you'll love Chaman.

Chaman is an Imperial IPA from Montreal's Microbrasserie Dieu du Ciel, and if you've ever had ANY beer from Dieu du Ciel, you quickly realize that they're one of the best breweries in North America for a reason - they take time to brew the beer and really care about the ingredients they put in it, so instead of corn and hop flavouring, you get actual barley and actual hops, real tasty! It comes in a 341ml bottle, like all their other products, so considering Chaman tops out at 9.0% ABV, it's good that it's only 341ml bottle, so you won't be getting too buzzed off this.

Appearance: Chaman pours a very hazy, thick caramel orange, reminiscent to some stronger IIPAs/DIPAs on the market, decent amount of off-white head that's lacing against the side of the glass, looks like a good one.

Aroma: A very well balanced mixture of floral and bitter hops meeting a really sweet and caramel maltiness, I'm scared to know how long I've been sitting on this beer, but either way.. it's done quite well for its age, the floral hoppiness is still ever present, yet not too bitter and the caramel and citrus notes of the malt are ever as present as well.

Taste: Like a strong ABV IIPA/DIPA out there, this one has a very big punch of alcohol to the palate, so it sneaks up on you quickly. The floral hops of Cascade/Centennial/etc are really pleasant, while the sweet caramel malt is really appreciated. Very solid IIPA, just like how an IIPA/DIPA should be.

Overall Thoughts: What you expect from a great Double IPA, lots of hoppy goodness, a sweet malt that balances out the bitter hops, and high ABV, what's not to like? Tops out at 9.0% ABV so watch how much you drink.

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