Manitoba Liquormarts has a new website & Cranky Saturday Links

It only took the Manitoba Liquor Commission ELEVEN!! years to create a brand-spanking-new website, don't believe me? Check out this Wayback Machine Cache of the Liquormarts website from back in November 2001! To this very day, it looked near identical. Now, the MLCC has a beta version of their new Liquor Marts website to give liquor connoisseurs & shoppers a full look what to expect. The main difference of the old Liquormarts website to the new one? Aside from not looking from being from 2001.. it gives you availability information for product, so say if you wanted a bottle of Rogue Dead Guy Ale and wanted to know where you can purchase some before hand? Now you can, so if you are in Virden, you can pick up the 5 bottles of Dead Guy they currently have in stock. This is quite handy for someone who travels to Winnipeg once every few months to look for specific beers that are unavailable in Brandon. One downside of this is that we will see some beer geeks (ie myself) use this to their advantage. Say if one Liquormart has an abundance of an amazing rare beer, one could potentially buy up several stores worth of products within a few hours.

Check out the new beta Liquormarts website at

Now time for Cranky Friday Saturday Links!
I'm bed ridden because I have a really overwhelming cold so here's some links you should be checking out

Brewji - one of my favourite new beer blogs on the net, and I'm kinda jealous he is able to pick up some Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout, I miss that stuff! (Link) is now on the Facebook! Oh ya and is now at

My look back on 2012 (Link)

A little too late for me, but apparently hops may be able to defend one against cold-like symptoms. So drink up your favourite IPAs! (Link)

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Vanessa said...

The new website has been saving my life at work! Do you know how nice it is to actually be able to tell people which LC to go to for a beer we've sold out of at the brewery? Magic. INTARWEBS TO THE RESCUE.