Cranky rant du jour - What the HELL is a Guyet?!

This flu is on day 6, and since I can't drink beer, it makes me cranky, that means I get to return and be a grouch like I used to be.

So the newest thing that has pissed me off: Molson 67's Guyet ad. (Check the ad out Here). If you don't want to view the ad (I don't blame you, because it'll be on every Hockey Night in Canada commercial break anyways), it's an ad about a buff guy is on a diet, but he still likes to eat greasy monster bacon burgers, but to diet, he switched to Molson 67 to help him diet, but no, he's not dieting, he's doing the bro version of it, GUYETING!

This ad pisses me off but you don't realize it has anything to do with beer until the very end, you think it could be a restaurant ad for all you know. Why does it piss me off? A guy is NOT going to sacrifice taste over saving a few carbs by drinking a Molson 67.

When's the last time you saw a guy drinking a Molson 67? That's right, never. The only time I've ever seen anyone drink a Molson 67 was my own mother and that's it. I go to the beer vendor more than the average bear and I see more people buy Fort Garry Stone Cold than Molson 67, it's that bad. On Untappd, I'm one of the top drinkers of said beer, so it shows you how many people just like the beer.

While it's true that at least here in Manitoba, guys are more likely to buy fruity and lite beer than women, but do I think that guys will actually buy into this.. unfortunately, guys here will try anything an ad during Hockey Night in Canada tells them to try. Hell, I've never seen a girl drink Coors Light Iced T, only men.

But hey.. cmon, seriously.. if a guy is going to diet, he's not going to switch to a low alcohol, low calorie beer, they're going to continue to drink what they like best, but cut down on consumption.

Since fall 2011, I've been on a diet and exercising as much as possible, though lately it has been minimal if at all. I managed to lose FORTY pounds, and I'm down 4 pant sizes since I began. I did this by cutting down on junk food, drink much more water, exercise every time there was a Jets game on TV. Did I switch to low-carb beer? Hell no, I drank less, drank better, as in I continued to drink microbrews that made my tastebuds happy and while beer is thought to be bad for dieting, I had NO problem losing the pounds. So look.. you can still drink AMAZING beer instead of drinking low carb bullpiss and still lose weight, as long as you diet and exercise.

Instead of going on a guyet and drinking Molson 67, how about go on a Guinness diet!

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Mike said...

What pisses me off about this commercial is they have the balls to claim "this isn't a diet, and this [67] isn't some diet beer".

Fuck yes it's a diet beer. It's 67 calories with no taste and 3% alcohol. It's the definition of a diet beer.

The funny thing, in my mind, is that drinking a beer like this makes zero sense. Yes, you're getting fewer calories, but you're also getting less alcohol. You could claim that ABV isn't important, and you're just drinking for the taste, but you'd be lying, because it tastes like watered down pee.

Anyone who drinks crap beer like this is drinking to get drunk. If you're drinking to get drunk, you might as well save some money and some trips to the bathroom and just drink a full strength beer - by the time you get drunk off 67 you'll have taken in just as many calories anyway.