It's Wheat Wine o'clock!

This is the least sick I've been since last Tuesday, so let me attempt to sip on some special beers, the 2011 (left) and 2012 (right) editions of the popular successor to the Burly Wine franchise from Half Pints', Demeter's Harvest Wheat Wine.

I reviewed reviewed Demeter's Harvest a year back, so it's good to have the beer again after a year.

The main differences I noticed between the original batch, 2011 and 2012 is that in 2011 it was clearer than 2012 batch (2012 was slightly hazy), the honey & syrupiness is more noticeable in the 2011, while in 2012 the hoppy bitterness (with a bit of grapefruit citrusness) is more apparent, which leaves a bitter aftertaste longer than on the 2011 batch.

If you get to try Demeter's Harvest, do so before it runs out, and while it's pricey at $10/bottle for 650ml, it's also 11% and certainly a beer to be savoured & shared. I'm going to be buzzed very shortly..

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