Beer menus in Manitoba

It's common for restaurants, wine bars, pubs, steakhouses and even diners that have their own websites to have a menu in PDF, JPG or in text that's dedicated to listing the wine, cocktails and spirits to give customers an idea what to expect. When it comes to beer, beer menus are a rarity in Manitoba because beer is treated like beer, as in that low class malted barley beverage that tastes pretty damned boring, however as we all know, there's more to beer than lagers. In fact, beer can be one of the most complex beverage categories that exist.

Some websites have dedicated beer menus on their website, so I'm here to list beer menus so that it will be easier as a beer connoisseur to make a decision to go for a pint before heading out the door. Some of these are in PDF format, so beware!

Barley Brothers (Polo Park) (Stadium)

Brown's Socialhouse

Brogue Pubside

The Canadian Brewhouse (Near bottom)

Chill Bar & Grill

Chop Steakhouse & Bar (PDF, final page)

Cornerstone Pub & Restaurant (PDF, final page)

The Current at Inn at the Forks (PDF)

Deseo Bistro

The Dock on Princess

Double Decker Tavern

Earl's (mostly domestic, but they generally have one or two local microbrews)

Element's The Restaurant

The Grove (PDF, final page)

Joe Beeverz (PDF, second page - they only serve domestics)

Joey (they only serve domestics)

The Keg Steakhouse & Bar (Brandon) (PDF)

King's Head Pub

Komfort Kitchen (PDF)

Oakwood Café 

Original Joes (PDF)

Peasant Cookery

Round Table Steakhouse (PDF)

Rudy's Eat & Drink (PDF)

Segovia Tapas Bar & Resto

Shannon's Irish Pub

Smith Restaurant (PDF)

Smitty's Sportsline Lounge (Second tab)

Tavern United (PDF - they only serve domestics)

Toad in the Hole

Yellowdog Tavern

If you find any beer menus, feel free to comment and let me know.

Updated April 2016


Unknown said...

ha ha "
Domestic Premium | alexander keiths india pale ale | sleeman honey brown | rolling rock"

Domestic premium? who makes that stuff up?

Cody Lobreau said...

Restaurants that know EFF ALL about beer, that's who!