Skunkworth's Barleyslime: Molson Canadian 67

Skunkworth's Barleyslime: Molson Canadian 67 by Cody La Bière
Fact: My most popular pieces on this blog of all time are reviews of pissy beers, yet the ad revenue hasn't made up for the traffic.. boo urns. It was that successful.. so time for another edition of Skunkworth's Barleyslime!

This week, we take a look at Molson Canadian 67, which is a low calorie beer aimed for those looking to lose weight.. through "beer". You've seen the ads, there's a group of friends chilling at an expensive wine bar, getting tiny portions of beer, wine and martinis, representing how much of said product it would take to get to 67 calories - if any pub did that to me, I'd just walk out then and there!

The whole spiel behind Molson Canadian 67 is 67 calories and thats it. Looking at the side of the can, this one has 70!!! calories, so technically, the label is a lie though it was meant for a 341ml portion compared to 355ml can portion. Also has 2G of Carbs and .5G of protein. How much alcohol? A whopping 3%!

Knowing people who drink this beer, they don't feel guilty about drinking it so they drink, one.. two.. four.. six until the case is empty because hey.. "it's low on calories!" Well if youre going to drink an entire 6 pack of this stuff, you're going to get as many calories (if not more) as if you were just going to have a pint or two of your favourite beer.

This beer tastes like water, with corn and aluminum stinging my tongue, minimal malted barley taste. So all in all, a corny water beverage. A bit sweet compared to regular light beer, but now my stomach is turning just sipping this.. this isn't good.

Aroma wise and appearance wise, looks/smells like water with some corn added to it, it's bland.

Don't drink this, it's not worth it. Thinking about losing weight and want to continue drinking beer while dieting? Stay away from this fad of pissy low calorie beers, unless if you want to piss a lot. Looking for something else to drink while on a diet? Check out the Guinness Diet, which can be substitued with your favourite microbrewed stout.. delicious!

Oh and, check this.. somehow Molson wasn't able to give away enough free t-shirts with purchase of a case of Molson 67 that they have to SELL them through Old Navy! How sad is that? Will someone actually buy this tshirt? LINK

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