Cranky Friday Links & New Beers: September 7, 2012

Yadda yadda check these peeps out.

If you are looking for something to do in Winnipeg on September 13 or 14, Flatlander's Beer Festival is taking place at the Winnipeg Convention Centre. Tickets cost $29.95 on the 13th while $34.95 for the 14th - both tickets include five beer samples. The vast majority of the beers available at the festival are already available at your local Liquormart, but a few treats including a few English ales and some special beers made up for the event by Fort Garry, Half Pints and the Farmery. (Link)

N2DS2W - Detroit & Area's #1 Canadian music blog run by my pal Russ and a few others! (Link)

Two great beer blogs recommended by others:

Leap Beer: 366 days of trying new beer! (Link)

BC Beer Blog: BC has one of the best beer scenes right now, so for me, it's great to see what's up and coming in the scene - that may eventually head my way. (Link)

Review of the week: Sam Adams' Cranky Monk Belgian IPA (Link)

Just a reminder, my Not-so-cranky Beer giveaway is still going on and will have its draw around October first, so tweet me with what was your beer of the summer for a chance to win! (Link)

And now for some new products coming to your local Liquormart:

Samuel Adams' Octoberfest - You know Thanksgiving and autumn is coming out when beers like Sam Adams' Octoberfest comes out! Nice, sweet, fairly light, costs $2.14 for a 355mL bottle before tax.

Budweiser and Bud Light are following Molson's CLIT, Canadian and Coors Light trend by releasing tall aluminum resealable bottles. Pissy beverage costs $2.46 for a 473mL aluminum bottle.

Rickards is releasing a new seasonal called Rickard's Cardigan. I know I won't be trying it, unless if I'm desperate and since I'm broke, I'm not that desperate. The Rickard's Cardigan is a spiced lager with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and brown sugar. Costs $10.67 for a 6-pack.

Big Rock is releasing a new a new taster pack called the Big Rock Favourites. I'm assuming it's going to contain some of the most popular Big Rock beers, with maybe a few surprises.. or just judging by Big Rock's Favourites section on their website.. likely Grasshopper Wheat Ale, Traditional Ale, Big Rock Lime (why god, why?!), Honey Brown Ale and possibly Warthog Ale and/or Rock Creek Dry Cider. It will cost $20.31 for a 12 pack - you know I will not be purchasing this unless if it's damned good.

Another new Big Rock brew is coming out as well, that I WILL give a shot - Saaz Republic Pils, which when I first of it, I didn't think was a Big Rock product but another Eastern European pilsner (oh joy), and this appears to be a Eastern European styled pilsener.. but as I said, I'll give it a try. Costs $2.14 for a 341mL bottle.

Last but least, Hop Ottin India Pale Ale by Anderson Valley Brewing out of Boonville, California. This is the beer I'm looking forward to most on this list as it currently has a 97 rating overall, that's pretty solid for an IPA! For being an import, it costs only $2.75 for a 355mL bottle so come and get it!

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