Review: Big Rock Saaz Republic Pilz PIlsener

Review: Big Rock Saaz Republic Pilz PIlsener by Cody La Bière
Continuing Big Rock Beer's trend towards limited release seasonals. Every few months they will release a beer that's best drank in that season, this time it is the Saaz Republic Pilz, a Czech style pilsener. With one of Big Rock's largest demographics being farmers and cowboys, this is a beer that would quickly appeal to them.

It cost just over $2 for a 355mL bottle and has a 4.9% alcohol content.

Appearance: Clear golden straw, just like your average prairie lager or pilsner. A bit carbonated as the off-white head diminishes instantly.

Aroma: A bit of a sweet yet bitter malt, somewhat grainy (barley), minimal hops (a hint of floral at best). Overall this is your average pilsner you would expect on the prairies, with a bit stronger malt to it.

Taste: Grassy hops, a sweet maltiness, cereal grains, just your average pilsener.

Overall Thoughts: So average that you can already guess how this tells. Compared to Big Rock's XO Lager (which is actually a Czech Pils), this one is more tame in the sense it's easier drinking, not going to scare off a prairie pils fan. XO Lager (which was also known as Assiniboine Lager for Brandon MB's 125th Anniversary) was a weird beer in general, bitter, malty, lagery - as if someone took a Lucky lager and a Blue and mixed it together.

Not a bad pilsener, very easy drinking pilsener/pilz/pilsner. Recommended to those who prefer the usual golden lager style of beer with some differences.

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I am Canadian said...

Pretty much agree with your synopsis Cody. A decent brew and better then your main stream beers but not by much.