Half Pints' Humulus Ludicrous (2012)

Half Pints' Humulus Ludicrous (2012) by Cody La Bière
Autumn is quickly approaching and with that comes darker ales, Oktoberfest, pumpkin ales, porters, and even stouts. For Half Pints, autumn means it is time for Humulus Ludicrous, their famous Double IPA. I've had the pleasure of enjoying this beer at least once a year since 2009, so it now being the 4th edition of it that I personally remember drinking, it's great to see this beer back for a limited time! One thing that surprised me was the launch date as it usually comes out in October (this year - late August). Also - this year they made so many bottles that there's more than enough for everyone! Supply and demand is very much getting more of a competition in the beer industry now days - beer geeks buy up whatever they get their hands on, and wham, it's all gone. In this case, it doesn't seem to pose a problem as the brewery itself has a lot of extras in stock to pick up via brewery store if you decide you NEEDED one RIGHT NOW (assuming they are open right NOW)!

Humulus is generally one of my favourite release of the year, being a hop head. I love a nice bitter IPA with a medley of citrus, alfalfa and bit of fruit all together in a pint glass.

Appearance: Pours a very sweet see-through looking caramel red, beaucoup de head, a nice thick light beige foam that's not settling, practically what one would expect in an IPA or DIPA in general.

Aroma: Starts off with a bit of a fresh-from-the-field straw aroma with a medley of floral hops and a squirt of lemon citrus balancing things out to make this one of THE prairies' best DIPAs out there. Slight amount of caramel and that's about it.

Taste: This is a Double IPA that hits you in the mouth IMMEDIATELY with bitterness galore, this isn't your Keith's Lager loving IPA, this is something for a real beer drinker. Combination of bitter hops that latch on to your taste buds, leaving a bitter tingling aftertaste that doesn't diminish for several seconds with a bit of a lemon citrus, a bit of alfalfa and just a pinch of lemon just to make things even out. Slightly creamy to the tongue but overall a decent DIPA.

Overall Thoughts: The Humulus Ludicrous Double IPA from 2012 is actually, most similar, to me to Humulus from 2010, similar profile in nearly every aspect. I can't wait to have this again next fall as well. I love how it's so so incredibly hoppy beer, something that you must either sip and savour on a long evening or share with 2-3 friends because you don't want to be operating heavy machinery after this. So so so so hoppy.. or as Vanessa says: hops! hop! hop! hop! hops! hops! hops! and she KNOWS hops!

This costs around $8.50 before tax for a 650mL bottle, has 8% ABV and a ridiculous 100 IBU! Should be available at your local MLCC, or else the Half Pints' Brewery store. Don't forget to say hi to Vanessa if you do go to the brewery store!

2009 Edition: www.flickr.com/photos/codyrl/3983413486/
2010 & 2011 Editions: www.flickr.com/photos/codyrl/7172834242/


Vanessa said...

"...this is something for a real beer drinker."


Katie said...

After reading your review, this hops lover (Little Scrapper is my house beer) decided to give this a whorl. You nailed it. I was not prepared for how bitter it was. Definitely a sipper. And my head was buzzing after just a few (sips). Ultimately though it was too much of a good thing. Being forced to sip is not my idea of an enjoyable beer. Sorry, but I won't be buying this again.

Cody Lobreau said...

That's understandable. I gave this another shot and eventually this was more mellow, more like a more bitter Scrapper but still amazing. I was in that place before but hops only grew on me!