Skunkworth's Barleyslime - Sol Cerveza (2007 vintage)

Unofficial Skunksworth's Barleyslime - Sol Cerveza 2007 vintage by Cody La Bière
I had this can of Sol in my room since Feb 2008, in a drawer forgetting all about it. While doing spring cleaning (more like hoard removing), I found a 473ml can of Sol Cerveza that I had while I was in Mexico. Why not try it out, as after all, it can't be THAT bad as the can hasn't been rotted out by said beer yet.

The appearance of this Sol is a bit different than the usual Sol beer. Generally, Sol is your clear golden yellow lager, in this case, as it has been in my drawer (er, I mean aging) for four years, it actually has a hazy golden appearance, akin to Unibroue's La Fin du Monde. The aroma isn't skunky anymore, it is just sour as if I'm drinking a low quality Eastern European lager. As for the taste, it is nearly identical to a bottle or can of Sol that I have had before, malty, sweet and tropical lager. The maltiness of this 4.5 year old Sol cerveza won't let go of my tongue.

While it is okay to age some beers, especially Belgians, I don't think a Mexican lager should be aged. It isn't as bad as I thought it would be, it still tastes like a Sol, but maltier, the aroma is much more pungent.

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