Cranky Friday Links - June 1, 2012

That time again! 

Esquire Magazine has an article on a great Porkchop recipe that uses Unibroue's own Éphémère Pomme! While I'm not a fan of porkchops (or the Pomme), the combination of the two will be a winning combination! Thanks to Duncan for letting me know!  (Link)

If you aren't on my favourite beer-themed social networking site Untappd, get on there already! They also have an app for iPhone and Android (Link)

My Manitoban-turned-BCer Jonny has started a website ( dedicated entirely on beer photography! (Link)

For my review of the week, I have chosen Muskoka's Mad Tom IPA, if you enjoy a very very hoppy India Pale Ale, you will be satisfied. (Link)

The Pint Jockey reviewed Jaipur IPA from Thornbridge Brewery out of UK. (Link)

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