Review: Flying Monkeys' Smashbomb Atomic IPA

Review: Flying Monkeys' Smashbomb Atomic IPA by Cody La Bière
I love trying all new beers.. but I love trying new beers that were banned even more! Yes, Flying Monkeys' Smashbomb Atomic IPA was actually banned in Ontario.. well okay, it was only banned at the LCBO for having a design and name that is attractive to underage drinkers. They quickly unbanned the beer after beer geeks protested to the LCBO to reverse the decision.

The Smashbomb Atomic IPA sells for $2.89 for a 355mL bottle (pry off) and has a great design on the label of a radioactive/chemical cloud fuming out of a factory.

Appearance: This IPA pours quite well, it has a reddish-amber hue, almost honey (a la Sleeman Honey Brown), about half an inch of thick cream coloured foam. Decent amount of carbonation taking place on the internal walls of the glass.

Aroma: Lighter than most IPAs I drink in this day and age. It has a light floral aroma with a bit of grassy/hay. Good amount of citrus and hoppiness coming from the hops, very respectful in every sense. Slightly caramelly sweet.

Taste: Not as strong as I was expecting.. well coming from just reviewing Picaroons' Yippee IPA and Muskoka's Mad Tom IPA, I expect an intensely hoppy & bitter brew. This is a lighter tasting IPA compared to those two, but it does not skimp on taste in any way as there still is a great amount of hops in this brew. It has your standard bitter hoppiness you come to know with the usual IPAs, but not overpowering. There's a slight lemon citrus hint caressing my palate. Not that malty, not complex but pretty damned enjoyable. Has a slight grassy taste to it as well, but the hops overpower that. The bitterness of the hops remains on your tongue long after you are done sipping on the beer, but gradually & gently fades away.

Overall Thoughts: Solid India Pale Ale on the part of Flying Monkeys. I don't understand how this could be banned as this isn't a beer I could see a minor drinking as 1) Generally underage drinkers go for stronger ABV beverages 2) Like to drink cheaply and 3) want something that is smooth to the taste. You aren't going to see 15 year olds chugging down an IPA, it's just too bitter for them to enjoy it!

This is a nice IPA, great amount of hops, somewhat bitter but not anywhere near the bitterness of Mad Tom/Yippee IPA. Nice light citrusness, an overall decent IPA, no complaints!

6% ABV, 355mL bottle - $2.89 before tax.


Unknown said...

It was banned because of the original label, nothing to do with minors,The label had an atomic blast on it and the LCBO thought (in their infinite wisdom) That it was offensive and promoted violence. They only accepted the beer after an extensive label redraw.

Vanessa said...

I like Flying Monkeys, they brew some solid beer.

Kinthelt said...

Promoted violence, eh? If I saw that label and had an atomic bomb, I'd make sure I set it off. *snort*

Cody Lobreau said...

I remember when LCBO banned it, Toronto Star reported on it and it said name also played part in it. Thankfully it's available at LCBO and in Manitoba too now!

Third Street Blog said...

Such a badass looking design. Love the colors. Oh yeah, the beer's not bad either.