New beers - June 13th

It's always a good day when new beers are coming to Manitoba.

First off, as I stated before, Unibroue's Summer Mixed Case is coming to Manitoba this week (or next week), which will cost $22ish and includes 3 bottles of La Gaillarde, Blanche de Chambly, Blonde de Chambly and La Fin du Monde. If that isn't a summer pack, nothing is!

Secondly and most importantly, a few Liquormarts in Winnipeg will be selling incredibly limited supply of Unibroue's prized Unibroue 17. That's a beer that's been on my Beer Bucket List since 2007. It will likely sell out quite quickly so please don't hoard a bunch of bottles as I'd love to see as many people try it as possible! It retails for around $10 for a 750mL bottle. 10% ABV and I'll likely hoard my bottle (once I get it) for 2-4 years just to age it!

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