Review: Samuel Adams' Summer Ale

Samuel Adams' Summer Ale by Cody La Bière
It's officially summer? I wouldn't have known with it raining almost every day here in soaking wet Manitoba. 

I haven't had the Summer Ale in almost a year, last time being when I tried their mediocre Summer Variety Pack (Read: Their Latitude 48 India Pale Ale is TASTY!)

Aroma: Hint of lemon, almost like floor cleaner, most part fairly boring.
Appearance: I prefer this year's bottle's label, previous years' was kind of boring to be frank. The Summer Ale it somewhat clear, somewhat hazy, rich golden colour, off-white head that eventually went down. 5.5% ABV
Taste: Not much of a taste. Previous years version had more lemon in the taste, but this year, it's gone down quite a bit. Slight lemon taste, but nothing to write home about. Has a bit of a taste of hay.. and the lemony citrus clings to your tongue, but it's not very interesting.

For a Wheat Ale, it's not the best, but I'm just not a fan of this beer, even since I first tried it back over two years ago. My verdict: Sam Adams' White Ale would be better for a Summer Ale. That being said, this is certainly a hot dry Manitoban summer sort of beer. Still better than your run of the mill Canadians, Kokanees and Blues, but nothing as good as your local microbrews.

PS: Much better buy than that Alexander Keiths Ambrosia Blonde.

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