Samuel Adams Noble Pils

Samuel Adams Noble Pils by Cody La Bière
Congratulations to the 2011 Stanley Cup Champions, the Boston Bruins. I was horrified by the rioting in Vancouver, I can't believe bs like that would happen in our own back yard, but some of the EXACT same douchebags did the SAME thing at the Olympics last year.

In honour of the Bruins being the better team and winning the Stanley Cup, I treated myself to a bottle of Sam Adams' Noble Pils. If I could, I'd buy the Boston Bruins a two-four (24) of beer of their choosing (hint: can someone make that happen?).

I'm pretty sure I did a review of this before, but here we go again.
Aroma: somewhat hoppy, reminds me of being in the field, smell of fresh hay.
Appearance: Very golden clear lager appearance, one of the more golden beers I've seen (rather than just "yellow"). Snow white head.
Taste: Has a bit of hoppiness to it, which is what made me salivate over the name in the first place two months ago. But it COULD be hoppier. This is something that's good for a hot summer day, but not for savouring... it's a "I'm thirsty" kind of beer.
Price: Around $2.50 Canadian or so per bottle, it is 4.8% ABV and 355mL, so it's not going to get you drunk, but it's something to quench a thirst after mowing a farm lawn on a hot summer day.

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