Review: Tree Captivator DoppelBock beer

Tree Captivator DoppelBock beer by Cody La Bière
This is the first time I've had a beer from Tree Brewing Co since I tried their Thirsty Beaver Beer. Since then, they've really taken off and are quickly becoming one of Canada's most popular microbreweries.

I've heard a bit about their beer Captivator DoppelBock from friends in British Columbia, so I had to try it, of course!

I'm a fan of bocks, I guess I have a bit of a "sweet tooth", even when it comes to beer, and generally bocks can be incredibly sweet. However, this is a bit different than regular bocks.

Aroma: Fresh baked bread.. fresh croissants to be exact, honey, caramel. Pretty interesting.
Appearance: Dark copper brown, a bit of a caramel head that dispersed immediately. The bottle being 650mL, 8% ABV and a nice painted label, at that!
Taste: It's a bit complex. Sure not as sweet as some bocks I've tried in the past. First thing I can taste is a big of roasted hops, followed by a slight hint of toffee/caramel.. but not much, and lastly it's a bit nutty. Not the best but I shouldn't be comparing it to Bocks as it's a different style. I very much enjoy it though. It's not too heavy, not too light, it's "just right".
Price: Approximately $6.00 in Manitoba for 650mL.

Pro: Painted label! Interesting aroma, pretty tasty, nice roasted hoppiness to the flavour.
Con: Price is a bit much - but you pay for quality, not quantity! I expected a classic bock.. but I need to learn more about beer still.

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