Review: Russell Blood Alley Bitter

Russell Blood Alley Bitter by Cody La Bière

Here's Russell Brewing's Blood Alley Bitter, from Vancouver BC. It is $5.22 for a 550mL bottle, 5.5% ABV.

Appearance: Nice painted label, as expected from Russell's special beers, pop-top cap, love the label.. if you love pork, you'll love it! The beer itself.. a copper brown transparent appearance, just your average ale, off white head.
Aroma: Hint of toasted hops, not much else.
Taste: Slightly bitter, slightly hoppy, a hint of citrus.. not much really going for it. Hint of caramelly sweetness. I'm bored, I think there's a bit of nuttiness?

It's fairly plain, boring, not the best from Russell, but it was interesting to try, atleast. Happy Canada Day everyone!

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brewji said...

I actually quite liked this beer, definitely good for sipping and went really well with my food choices (sliders with bacon and other meaty goodness).

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