Half Pints' Weizen Heimer Beer

Half Pints' Weizen Heimer Beer by Cody La Bière
Half Pints' Weizen Heimer. This is the first time I had this this year, it brings me back memories of last summer. Winnipeg Folk Fest, hard work at the farm and some good times. This time around they started bringing out 650mL bottles instead of the 341mL bottles. I think that was a great decision, because now you can share (if you're nice). 

My thoughts: a great patio beer, has a bit of a wheat and banana aroma to it. Taste - banana, which is different than the usual orange citrusy taste that we're used to in the German weiss' cousin the Belgian witbier. Nice amber/orangey hazy colour, and the head is very much a light banana colour.

Great beer, $3.75ish for 650mL bottle, 5% ABV, 13 IBU, and the only weiss/witbier made in Manitoba!

Here's my full take on it in last year's review: www.flickr.com/photos/codyrl/4543666981/in/photostream/


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