Review: 9 Mile Legacy 'The Ticket' Belgian-style Blonde Ale

It's already been over five years since my first and only visit to 9 Mile Legacy in Saskatoon, and since then they've opened a new taproom/brewery and closed their old cozy as heck tiny taproom. I keep saying I'll go back one of these days but I don't have enough time in the world to make that happen, so the second best thing I can do is pick up their beer whenever I see it at retailers within couple hour drive from me. 

Today's sampling is The Ticket. The ticket is your invitation to indulge in great Saskatchewan craft beer. Treat a friend to a ticket of their own. Our Belgian-style Blonde ale is golden straw in colour and finishes with character. Perfect for novice craft beer drinkers and experienced fans alike. 4.7% ABV

Appearance: Pours a clear golden-straw body with a thick snow white head on top. Looks like your typical every day Blonde to me, so far. The head diminishes rather fast, leaving behind only a couple bubbles here and there on the glass itself and a thin layer of bubbles on the top of the beer for pretty much the entire sampling.

Aroma: Upfront, the beer is very sweet, almost like honey. Notes of a spice that gives me memories of coriander, a bit of Dove soap aroma, a very crisp malt profile and a good heaping of straw.

Taste: I had a Belgian Ale the other day from a local brewery and this tastes a lot like what I had - it's got a hefty sweetness to it, predominantly honey and straw, a bit of a Belgian vibe in there.. so possibly a bit of coriander? A hint of bubble gum, and a taste that's crisp and inviting that reminds me of a classic crisp Saskatchewan Pilsner. There's a tad syrupiness for mouthfeel that also leaves behind a hint of a honey-like aftertaste to it.

Overall Thoughts: A standard Blonde Ale with a bit of a Belgian vibe to it, slightly spiced but lots of honey-like sweetness. Not aggressive in any way but also enough to not be ignored by the beer geek.. so the label was pretty much on point.

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