Review: Founders' 4 Giants Imperial IPA

Founders 4 Giants Imperial IPA
Founders Brewing's 4 Giants Imperial IPA

Summon the Giants!

You possess in your hand the power to unite the four titans and unleash the gargantuan flavor and aggressive, high ABV of 4 Giants IPA. Boasting an assertive bitterness balanced by a malty, sweet backbone – the enormous aromatics in this Imperial IPA come courtesy of seven hop varieties. Command your destiny and write your own legend with 4 Giants Imperial IPA. 9.2% ABV

I picked this beer in North Dakota a while back. I had a hard time picking it out so it ended up with me picking up a beer just based on the look alone. Well, Founders made it harder, they had a bunch of "4 Giants" beers which almost has a Marvel movie vibe on every can.. I don't know who the 4 Giants are but to me it seems like their own super heros on each can in different scenarios and outfits for each version.

Appearance: Fairly clear with a caramel-amber body to it, a thick amount of off-white/beige head on top. The head diminishes pretty quickly, leaving behind a liberal amount of lacing on the glass.

Aroma: When it's an Imperial, you know it's going to be more sweet than bitter. I get a heavy caramel aroma, some fruitiness of grapefruit, as well as a hint of melon. Leafy, bitter hops, but seeing it's been waiting be opened for a few months now, they've subdued a bit so far.

Taste: Starts off a tad boozy, almost like a Brandy. It's quite sweet with a lot of caramel to it, but doesn't give off a syrupy mouthfeel as it's more of a watery mouthfeel. Moderate pine bitterness that lingers a great deal once the beer is savoured.

Overall Thoughts: Not bad, boozy, good amount of sweetness, moderately bitter. Solid and the 9.4% creeps up on ya.

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