A re-re-revisit: Molson Canadian 6.0 Cold Shots

My first ever beer review of all time was Molson Canadian 6.0 Cold Shots, reviewed on September 4, 2004, making it official drinking age of all of Canada, 19 years old. Who would have known that 19 years ago that I would end up becoming a beer blogger/writer who would briefly have a weekly column in the local newspaper and even cause a bit of viral controversy over a ten dollar bottle of Bud Light. In 2004 I was a simple person when it came to beer - by now I already tried some craft beers - Unibroue specially but also Big Rock, Fort Garry and others but my go to beers of choice were Molson Canadian, Heineken, and Sleeman Original Draught (oh, that was a smooth one). Cold Shots were cheap, 8-250mL tiny cans of beer, perfect for the cheap university student at the time... somehow looking back, drinks at the bar seemed pricy but $3 was actually very affordable.. but I was just broke.

Fast forward 19 years, here's my third visit to the beer. A Canadian-style lager has changed a great deal - back then they had a sharp bite to it that I feel was a combo of malt and the hop used, now they're so smooth. How will this beer fare since first reviewing it nineteen years ago?

Appearance: Bright golden straw body with almost a honey hue to it. Couple lines of bubbling coming up from the body of the beer while the head itself is light with a bright white hue for the few bubbles that do remain.

Aroma: Sweet, straw, honey, hint of corn. Very much a malt-forward lager.

Taste: Very sweet lager with an immediate sharp bite to it that you used to get with just about every Canadian-style lager over a decade ago, a bite I can't describe.. is it hop? Is it the type of malt they're using? Notes of straw, a good amount of metallic presence but pretty much a quite sweet-forward malty lager.

Overall Thoughts: Not as malt liquor-y now days as it used to be but it's still a bit too sickly sweet for what it is. One thing I noticed is that since I've last reviewed this beer in 2012 they've moved from 250mL mini cans to smaller 222mL cans. The price is pretty much the same which I don't know if I'd consider it a value or not but the price of beer only keeps going up so I think it's best buying a 15-pack of regular Canadian as it's on sale for $18.59 until 4 days from now (from when I'm writing this - it's not on sale anymore).  6% ABV

Will this beer still exist in the 2030s? Who knows, if I'm still alive I might review it.

Original review, September 4, 2004:

Second review: January 20, 2012

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