Review: Kilter Immortalis Imperial Stout (Blend III - Booker's Bourbon)

The only good thing to happen from a couple years of COVID was that ordering beer by mail became a thing, but unfortunately most moved away from that once things "returned to normal" more recently. I ordered a decent sized care package sometime last year. A couple of the bottles that I bought online through Kilter were various versions of their Immortalis Imperial Stout. Today's sampling is their Blend III aged for 15 months in Booker's Bourbon Barrels. 11% ABV, bottled 05/22.

Appearance: Pours your typical black-as-the-night for body, and with a thick dark cookie dough yellow-brown-beige head on top. I'm babying this beer so the head has diminished a great deal, leaving behind only a small amount of bubbles attached to the side of the glass - no lacing somehow!

Aroma: The barrels are coming up more than anything else at the beginning - There's a lot of oak, good amount of caramel and Bourbon sweetness, a hint of vanilla and of course the beer itself. The stout has a nice roasted profile to give it a mildly bitter presence to it, and notes of dark chocolate as well as caramel.

Taste: It's pretty much what I got from the aroma. This is quite a boozy treat so it creeps up quite quickly. Roasted malt but sooo much more of the barrel taking over to give it a rich woodiness with molasses, caramel, vanilla and a light burning sensation from the Bourbon. Smooth, tad creamy but also burns the tongue a tad. 

Overall Thoughts: Simply heaven in a bottle/glass. Boozy as heck but lots of flavour in every sip n sniff. 

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