Review: Low Life Barrel House Majik Concord Grape Saison

Today's sampling is Majik by Low Life Barrel House in Winnipeg. Majik is a Concord Grape Siason that's described as having notes of grape jelly, musk and Brettanomyces. It's been quite a while since I've seen Low Life available in my neck of the woods so when I saw it a monthish ago I had to buy this! 5.0% ABV

Appearance: Tahiti Treat has been popping up in my mind a lot lately just out of the blue.. it was a dark reddish fruit punch soda that was popular when I was a child but then one day completely disappeared from Canadian grocery shelves never to be seen again.. except for American import Tahitian Treat at specialty candy stores. This Saison is EXACTLY what it looks like to me. It pours carbonated, deep red with a hint of a purple hue to it, with the end having a slight amount of bubbles on the side of the glass, still fizzy.

Aroma: Tart and funky Saison. It's sweeter than quite a many wine-themed Saisons I've had in recent memory. I definitely can get the Concord grape vibe out of it as it's a sweet, sugary grape juice presence, but also gives off a slight tartness of wine. Moderately barn yard funkiness to it from the Brett yeast and a butteriness at the end that I get from every single Low Life beer I've ever had, it's like their trademark aroma for me.

Taste: It's taken me a few weeks to finally sample this but every time I sample Majik, I get a sweet grape juice flavour, followed up immediately by a bit of a barn yard funkiness to it that gives off a bit of a woodiness, a butteriness and an herbal presence that I can only describe as pizza spices - oregano? I don't know. It's different but isn't off-putting at all. 

Overall Thoughts: The grape juice sweetness, like Tahiti Treat, reminds me of my childhood. There was a brief period where I fell in love with grape juice to the point where I would over indulge and get sick off it. This reminds me of enjoying it well before getting sick. It's mildly tart, has Brett and decently sweet. As you can probably tell already, I'll be buying this again. 

Lastly, congratulations on Low Life Barrel House on finding a permanent brewery, they will be opening up on Daly St N in Winnipeg soon. They've spent the past good while brewing out of Barn Hammer on Wall St. I know that Low Life is going to do well in the neighbourhood they're in, it’s only a short walk to Sookrams!

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