Review: Lake of the Woods Sneaky Peach Pale Ale

I feel like this may be the first time I've ever reviewed a beer because I saw it at a small town liquor store first, rather than at one of my go-to stores, or even one of the beer stores in the city.

Lake of the Woods' Sneaky Peach Pale Ale (as of March 27, 2021 - it will vary depend on when you visit this page) has a grand total of 1 can available in all of Brandon, but in Virden, they have 10 cans available after my purchase from the said LC earlier in the day. I was told that it's been only available for a week now. 

From the can: put there by a man in a factory downtown, Sneaky Peach Pale is a bit nose smooth finishing Ale. Deliciously delectable and deceivingly drinkable. Did you know? Peaches are symbols of immortality (don't mistake Sneaky for a Geldof, and definitely not 'and Herb'); and super tasty in beer. Similar to the Mackinaw, Sneaky Peach is akin to 'having a circus in your mouth' and a little like being in a pie eating contest - to be experienced. Its peachy-keeenll (fruity/peachy/hoppy). Warning: Sneaky Peach may make you want to movin' to the country... 5.2% ABV

MOTHER OF GOD.. 85% OF THAT CAN DESCRIPTION WAS NOT NEEDED!!!! I l lost interest in the beer after they got past deceivingly drinkable. I get it.. it's a PEACH BEER! It took me a whole ten minutes to type that out word for word. ..but I'll likely enjoy it.

Golden straw body with a light amount of cloudiness to it (mostly clear), good amount of carbonation in the body and a very thick amount of snow white head on top. It took me damned 10+ minutes from typing the description from the can to writing about the appearance and usually by now it would be minimal but it's still frothy with a good amount of off-white lacing on the glass.

Aroma: Spring time in the South. It's a sweet, sugary, peach presence with a tad bit of graininess to it. Very aromatic and one of the only peach-forward beers out there in Canada at the moment. Not syrupy at all, very aromatic. Leafy aroma at the end.

Taste: Tad sweet with a peach-forward fruitiness to it, it's dry and it hits the palate momentarily, just to leave behind a bit of a tingly and bitter hop aftertaste at the end (hint of apple/pear). A bit of a seltzer-like bubbly taste to it, fairly light otherwise.

Overall Thoughts: This was a mildly peach-forward Pale Ale that has a very carbonated body to it that reminds me of a seltzer to a point, though heavier on the gut for sure. 

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