Review: Brasserie La Shoppe IPA

If I had a dollar for every time that I say "I should sample this brewery's beer more often" here, I'd be able to afford to open up a brewery myself. Today I'm checking out Brasserie La Shoppe's LaShoppe IPA, a Kveik IPA. I've sampled this a few times in the past but I keep forgetting to pick this up until today!

From the label: You've been dancing all night? Time to kick off your boots and have yourself a Sock Hop! This well-balanced Kveik IPA has the perfect ratio of hoppiness and bitterness. Enjoy!

Dansez sans retenue. Et récompensez-vous avec cette Kveik IPA dont l'amerture et les saveurs de houblons sont parfaitement équilibrées. Santé. 6.7% ABV

Appearance: This took a good minute or ten for the head to go down enough for me to be able to take a photo of it. So while waiting for it to diminish, I went to see how the bulls were doing (bonus photo below). The head is THICK but once it warms up - beige hue and leaves behind a sprinkling of foam all around the glass. The body is cloudy amber-orange in appearance with a tad bit of carbonation.

Aroma: Floral with a mild pine presence to it, decently sweet with caramel but also a nice inviting tropical presence popping up as well. Hint of orange peel, pineapple and grapefruit. 

Taste: A bit of a cracker-like presence from the malt, a lot of a tropical zestiness of pineapple, lemon, grapefruit and orange peel. The hops aren't as bitter this time around but it's still a tad floral. A tad boozy but not surprising as it's 6.7% ABV. Fairly dry with a bit of a pear and sugary sweetness at the very end for aftertaste.

Overall Thoughts: Underrated IPA, I need to buy this more often. The labels are incredibly simple but I like it, it's just that the beer is never at eye level whenever I go to my local LC so I always forget to it never pops out. It's floral and a bit bitter but also has quite a tropical kick to it, but not to the point where it's an overly Juicy IPA like most, it more reminds me of a West Coast IPA to an extent. I noticed they have a Stout out now, so I should hurry up and try it out!

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