Review of Partake Brewing Pale Ale (Non-alcoholic)

Today I'm going to partake in Partake Brewing's Pale Ale. Partake Brewing is regarded as the Canadian craft non-alcoholic brewery. I've sampled their India Pale Ale in the past and was absolutely surprised by the fresh hoppiness of said IPA, especially compared to Le Bock Ale's IPA Sans-Alcool out of Drummondville, Quebec (la ville de la poutine!)

For those looking for health stats about the beer: per 355mL can - 10 calories, 65 mg Potassium, Calcium - 2%,  Ingredients: Water, Barley, Hops, Yeast.

Appearance: Clear honey amber in appearance with a light amount of carbonation to it. So far, it reminds me a tad of the time I tried O'Doul's for the first time, but I know I'm going to enjoy this as their regular IPA was pretty good! Oh.. their head is a bit of a frothy beigey-white, it's pretty thick at the beginning and diminishes just to a slim amount of bubbles near the rim of the glass on the top of the beer.

Aroma: Moderately hoppy with a moderate amount of pine bitterness to it. There's a moderate sweet caramel malt presence popping up as well.. which is a bit reminiscent of those square caramel chews you would get as a kid. Aside from that, that's about all I'm really getting from this beer so far.

Taste: A tad bit of a graininess of barley right from the beginning, a very slight sourness, and a light hop presence - a light piney and floral presence at the end. I feel the hop profile could have been more prolific this time around... it's there, but it's ever so subtle. There's also a light caramel maltiness and a lightly roasted profile at the end to give it a bit of a nuttiness. The aftertaste gives off a tad of a toasted barley presence and then diminishes pretty quickly after that.

Overall Thoughts: This is definitely be too "strong" in flavour for someone like my mom - there's a bit of a toasted malt profile and a light piney hop profile to it. This definitely doesn't remind me of a classic Pale Ale, but this had a moderate hop presence, a bit of a toasted maltiness. I like their IPA a bit more as their hop presence was much more dominant in that beer. Props to Partake Brewing - as long as there's new non-alcoholic beers available to me, I'll keep trying them! 0.3% ABV

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