Review: Legend Seven Brewing Superbia Saison

Another beer I won't be able to find at local LCs but was available at the pop-up MLCC store at Flatlanders Beer Fest in June - Calgary's Legend Seven Brewing's Superbia Saison.

From the label: "Pride: The 7th deadly sin. No more prideful act than self-ordination to the throne, Hatshepsut; was the Queen who crowned herself King!

Our Superbia Saison is a moderately hoppy, bright golden nectar with a champagne-like effervesce that will make you feel like you're drinking a beer brewed more for Gods than humans." 4.8% ABV.

Appearance: This is a very thick, cloudy and nearly juicy-like Saison that's almost OJ in appearance. There's a tad amount of sediment in the body (mostly at the bottom of the glass) and a amount of off-white head on top of the beer, kinda frothy but diminishes gradually.

Aroma: Hoppier than expected -  Superbia has a mildly bitter hop presence with notes of pine, floral notes, and a bit of grass. This beer has a nice amount of Belgian candi sugar presence to it to give it a nice Belgiany sweetness to it, a bit of breadiness and a moderate dose of coriander for spice.

Taste: What can I say? I've been craving a traditional Saison for a while now and so far everything's been right on the money. The taste reminds me a lot of the saisons of 2011-2013 that I fell in love with. This beer is moderately sweet with a hint of honey and bubble gum to it, it's quite dry, good amount of carbonation tingling the tongue, as well as notes of bubble gum, a bit of a doughy presence to it, a tad acidic and as well as a hint of coriander, orange peel and apricot skin.

Overall Thoughts: All I have to say is... WOW! This Saison hit everything I wanted in a classic Saison - it had a nice amount of sweetness with a hint of honey, bubble gum and fruit to it, it was quite dry and quite carbonated, easy to drink and brought me back memories of the olden days when I fell in love with Saisons. Absolutely tasty and it's a shame that MLCC won't be bringing this in as a seasonal or permanent release.. I don't know what's up with them now days.. Next time I'm in Winnipeg,  I'll check to see if Quality Beer Store sells this, I want MORE!

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