Review: Brion Cura├žao Lager

The thing that sucks about living in a place with many roommates is the lack of privacy. Right when I was about to set up photos for this beer, a couple of roommates invaded the room just to yell on the phone which happens all the effing time, so I had to find somewhere else to take a photo without being disturbed.. sometimes outdoors is the best solution.. but who are we kidding? You'd be just as likely to read this review if I took beer photos with a flip phone camera!

My parents were on a really nice holiday to the island of Cura├žao a month and a half ago and brought me back a sampling of the island's most popular beers, some were beers that they've gotten me to try in the past, such as Carib Lager from Grenada and some beers I've never heard of in my entire life.

Brion Cura├žao is a lager brewed specially for Cura├žao by Windward & Leeward Brewery Ltd out of St. Lucia. I was assuming that this was going to be a beer brewed right on the island, but seeing that the island is only so big, they just don't have the capacity to brew much beer on the island at this time. Brion Cura├žao is a light pilsner.

Appearance: The majority of lagers brewed anywhere in the Caribbean are going to look almost identical to this beer. This one pours a pale golden straw body with a LOT of carbonation in the body.. almost as if the bubbles were snow flakes and floating up and instead of down. The head is a fairly light and snow white in colour, the entire top of the beer is covered in the light head.

Aroma: It's fairly light and sweet, quite reminiscent of just about every tropical lager I've ever had. There's a sweet maltiness (a tad sugary) as well as a crisp graininess that expect in a standard German-style Pilsener, light grassy hop notes, not as corny as many other Caribbean lagers.. I think this has none at all.

Taste: The taste is sweet, a bit sugarier than most Caribbean lagers, I'm getting a lot of barley malt in there to give it a bit of a wet mushy barley grain taste to it, a light hop profile that has a bit of a grassy presence to it. I think there may be rice in it, but I'm not too sure about that.

Overall Thoughts: Similar to most Caribbean lagers with a lot of inspiration coming from Europe - it's a grassy hopped lager with a crisp malt profile to it and a good deal of sweetness. A bit too sweet in what I want in a Pilsner but on the beach.. this would be easy to drink.

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RomienJo said...

We actually had a brewery on the island but it closed due to cheaper beer
Getting imported illegally so bringing unfair competition to Amstel so they had to shut down