Review: Garrison Sour Castro East Coast Sour

Wow, it's been a while since my last review. I just haven't been feeling confident enough to review lately, I actually got anxiety thinking of what to review.. wtf?! Also, my expensive 2018 MacBook Pro likes to add random periods all over the place because the keyboard is a piece of crap, seriously Apple?

Garrison's been one of my favourite Canadian breweries since I first tried them back way way way back in the day, their beer is great and consistent. Today I'm checking out their Sour Castro. Sour Castro is an East Coast sour.. whatever that means. The sour is brewed with water, barley & wheat malt, mint, lime extract and yeast.

Appearance: Pours a lightly cloudy golden straw, lots of carbonation in the body and a moderate off white head on top.

Aroma: Mildly vegetal with notes of cucumber, a very heavy dose of mint, bit of lime. To me, this smells more like it should be more a gin cocktail mojito than a sour. There is a light sourness to it, but not much.

Taste: I took a sip of this before I ever looked at the label when I first took the photo and I thought "this tastes like toothpaste" not expecting there to be mint in it, so it's quite minty. The sourness is certainly there, it's a bit of an acidic vinegary-like taste to it. For a sour, it's actually quite balanced and quite easy to drink. This is what I'd call a patio sour as it's not overpowering nor does it make your face cringe... in fact, it's smoother than I expected. The aftertaste is a light sourness that lingers for a bit but I don't really notice it that much.

Overall Thoughts: I was kind of expecting to write this off but it wasn't bad, the mint was a bit more powerful than I expected but this was absolutely refreshing and actually helped calm the nerves a bit after the bout of anxiety I had before writing this. Would I buy this again? Yep! 4.8% ABV

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