Review: Beau's Jänis Sahti Finnish-style Juniper Ale

Another day, another Beau's review! They keep bringing out new beers so I can't help but review them for you! Today's Beau's pick is Jänis, a Sahti beer (or Finnish-style Juniper Ale). I've never tried a Sahti-style beer but I've said that quite a few times with Beau's releases, they like to bring out styles I've never knew existed (such as a Kvass or a Mumme), props to them for introducing rare styles to the masses!

A Sahti is a Finnish-style made from malted and un-malted grains including barley, rye and oats. It's typically flavoured with juniper with or without hops. Beau's Jänis contains local spring water, barley, rye and wheat malts, oats, juniper berries, juniper boughs, hops and brewers yeast. Since Beau's is organic, most of the ingredients are certified organic, including the juniper.

Appearance: Jänis pours a clear caramel amber ale with a light amount of sediment floating around in the body. Very moderate amount of carbonation and a very light cookie dough beige/brown head on top that quickly diminishes to just a slim amount of bubbles in the end.

Aroma: This smells eerily like their staple beer, Lug Tread. It's sweet, lightly toasted malt with a good amount of caramel aroma to it. There's a mildly herbal aroma to it, and a very very faint scent of juniper berries in the end to give off a light tartness/sweetness.

Taste: The junipers come out right at the initial sip, it's a sweet yet somewhat tart fruitiness that I can only describe as pleasant and brings me back memories of Muskoka's Legendary Oddity. The beer still reminds me quite a bit of Lug Tread with its toasted malt profile, sweet caramel/toffee presence, grassy hop profile, a bit of a nuttiness, a hint of banana. Quite an easy drinking beer yet. The aftertaste is pretty much the juniper, leaving behind a slight tartness on the palate.

Overall Thoughts: Still, reminds me of Lug Tread but with a nice juniper and toffee presence to it. It's quite easy to drink so it's not aggressive in any way. It's a bit surprising that it's 7% ABV because it seriously tastes like it's 5.5% at most. If you're someone who likes something like Lug Tread but wants something a bit different, I definitely recommend this but I do wish the juniper berries came out a bit more in the aroma and tasting profile as the only place where it's really coming out a lot is in the aftertaste.

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