Review: Muskoka Legendary Spring Oddity

Review: Muskoka Spring Oddity by Cody La Bière
$10 for a bottle of beer can be quite excessive in my books, especially being unemployed and all. In Muskoka's case, you do get what you pay for. $10 buys you a flavourful beer that satisfies your tastebuds to the very last drop.

This time, it's Muskoka's The Legendary Muskoka Spring Oddity. The list of ingredients for the Spring Oddity is making me incredibly intrigued: Pure Muskoka Water, Heather Tips, Juniper Berries, Sweet Orange Peel Shavings, North American Malts, Noble Hops, Belgian Yeast and Belgian Candi Sugar.

So as you can see, a very interesting and tasty combination of ingredients, juniper berries, noble hops and Belgian candi sugar? This is going to be a tasty brew!

Appearance: Pours hazy orange, with a bit of amber brown. This is undeniably a very spring/summer beer just judging by the appearance, the kind of beer you would drink on a day like today. Somewhat carbonated and bubbly, the white foam diminishes quickly.

Aroma: A medley of orange peel, lots of floral notes, Belgian yeast (comparable to Unibroue), lightly spiced, an overall sweet and zesty spring and summertime beer.

Taste: Orange peel, Belgian yeast, more orange peel, Belgian candi sugar (quite sweet), and basically near identical to the aroma. I would compare this to being similar to a Unibroue Blonde de Chambly, sweet, zesty, a great beer for the patio.

Overall Thoughts: At $10 a pop for a 750mL bottle, this is worth the price tag as it has a great deal of sweetness, great citrus, obviously Belgian influenced and a damned good treat. Similar in ways to Unibroue's Blonde de Chambly, but more of an orange flavour like the Blanche. $10 is a bit excessive, but in the case of the Spring Oddity, I'd pay $15 because it's something you can't help but treat yourself with! It has 8% ABV and a swing top cap, so if you don't finish the beer, you can have more later with ease! It's also "out of season" by a week, but that's not stopping me - it's even perfect for this summer weather!

From the label: "Each year the tempered thaw of Muskoka winter gives rise to new and strange creations. Legends date back to the 1800's when lumberjacks and fur traders took to the woods and ecnountered the mysterious culture and wildlife in the unknown Northern region. Today, we echo our ancestors' quest and have unearthed this season's most distinct offerings. The culmination of these ingredients rests in the LEGENDARY MUSKOKA SPRING ODDITY brew. We invite you to Release The Legend."

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