Cranky Friday Links & New Beer in Manitoba

This week it's a two-in-one combo!

Let's start off with the Cranky Friday Links:

Minhas has finally opened their urine factory in Calgary, they plan to open one in Winnipeg as well (Link)

Pint Jockey checks out Pugsley's Signature Smashed Blueberry Beer (Link)

I finally get to cross off another beer off my beer bucket list! I got to try a 2011 edition of Unibroue's 17 (Link)

PaddockWoodGuy (aka Stephen) took over my blog for a piece on his cross-Canada beer roadtrip extravaganza! He discusses his trip and the beers he's tried, so far (Link)

PS - I'm jealous of all of you at Winnipeg Folk Fest this weekend, I couldn't afford to go and I never heard back to volunteer! *sigh* maybe next year?!

Now for new beers available in Manitoba:

Continuing with the trend of new Belgians coming to the Liquormart, Duchesse de Bourgogne is coming to Manitoba, with a pocket friendly price tag of $3.33. It's highly rated on RateBeer, so it should be a good beer to try!

For those American beer fans, the famous Mississippi Mud Black & Tan is making its way here, it's going to sell for $7.70 for a 946mL bottle

Another premium quality beer is making its way to Manitoba, Efes Pilsener from Turkey. It's only $2.37 for a 500mL can so you're not going to be entirely ripped off, unless if you're expecting an actual beer.

Einbecker Brauherren Pilsener from Germany is also making its way to Manitoba, it will cost $2.39 for a 330mL bottle - I will take a pass on this.

Lastly, Estrella Damm Daura, I had this mistaken for the Estrella Damm Inedit, but this is an entirely different beer. This is actually a gluten free beer, so for those who want to enjoy a beer, but can't consume gluten based products, this is for you! It costs $11.99 for a 4-pack, so it's as pricey (before tax) as a 6 of European lagers.

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