Review: Beau's Tom Green Summer Stout

I was planning on reviewing Beau's Tom Green Cherry Milk Stout today as I saved a bottle two months ago just for review. Unfortunately either one of my roommates drank it on me or I misplaced it.

Well, I have the next best thing - Tom Green Summer Stout! I first tried Tom Green Summer Stout while at Mondial in Montreal last year and it's one of those things were looks can be deceiving. The beer looks like it could be a Lug Tread or pale ale, but once you smell it - it smells like a stout, and it tastes like a stout. The Summer Stout is brewed with local spring water, organic barley malts, organic oats, organic lactose, organic fair trade coffee, organic cacao nibs, organic hops and brewer's yeast. It tops out at 5.0% ABV, and seeing that it's only -4C out today.. that's practically summer here in Manitoba!

Appearance: The Summer Stout pours a golden straw body with a light amount of haziness to it, a good amount of micro-carbonation in the bottle, and a full finger's worth of snow white head on top.

Aroma: If I was blindfolded, I would have expected that this would be an everyday black-as-the-night stout. The aroma gives off notes of rich roasted coffee, a hint of dark chocolate, lactose, and a bit of a peppery spiciness at the end.

Taste: The flavour of coffee hits the tastebuds almost instantly - it's a rich, roasted flavour with a mild peppery spice presence to it. There's notes of lactose that give off a rich creamy milkiness to the mouthfeel, a hint of dark chocolate, and a noticeable crisp, barley graininess that's more typical from a Lug Tread.. but seeing that this is a golden beer, it's not overly surprising.

Overall Thoughts: While stouts aren't a style I ever crave in the summer time, this is one of those beers that can deceive you into drinking a stout on a hot day anyway. It's weird that this tastes so much like a stout but anything is possible in craft beer now days. The only thing that doesn't give off that I'm a stout! presence is the sweet, crisp graininess from the barley.. usually it'd be more of a roasted presence in that area. Thanks Jack for sending me this after I kept bugging him that he promised me a bottle last summer! Ha!

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