Review: Bièrerie Shelton Saison Houblonnée

Merci à Nicolas de pour une des nombreuses bières pour ma critique!

Today I'm checking out Bièrerie Shelton's Saison Houblonnée brewed and canned at the Brasserie Oshlag contract brewery in Montréal, only doors down from Glutenberg.

Nicolas sent me a can of Bièrerie's Shelton's Saison Houblonnée, a well-hopped saison that is describing as pairing well with good times, bad times, and General Tao BBQ. At 6.5% ABV it's also described as having tropical fruity notes, a bit of spice and a bit of vanilla - so this is going to be a yummy saison to try!

Appearance: La Saison Houblonnée pours a hefty, hazy golden orange body with a light amount of head and a good amount of off-white head on top. The beer is overflowing a bit as I'm pouring, so it starts off a bit overly-carbonated but the head diminishes pretty quickly once left alone.

Aroma: This is your typical every day saison, it's somewhat sweet and citrusy - giving off notes of pear, mango, and a good amount of sourness at the end. The hops are complimenting this beer to give it a tropical fruit sensation that compliments the malt and yeast completely.. I feel like that this is a fruit smoothie in a can!

Taste: The first thing I get from this beer is a bit of a sweet yet gritty grain presence that reminds me of shovelling out the graineries at the farm. I get a slight oat presence to it, notes of mango and pineapple, lemon, bubble gum and a light amount of cracker taste lingering around my palate, as well as a slight booziness to the beer. The beer is smooth, slightly creamy, mildly bitter and incredibly tropical.

Overall Thoughts: Aside from the aroma of saison yeast, I felt that this was more of a New England-style IPA than a saison. This was definitely incredibly carbonated like your typical saison, so it was a slight gusher.. but I was prepared! This was absolutely delicious but I wish it was a tad bit dryer on the palate instead of being somewhat creamy. Darryl Shelton & L'équipe Oshlag know what they're doing.. making some of the best beers in all of Canada. This brings me back memories of trying Shelton NE IPA alongside Shawn at Avant-Garde back in June.. amazing memories!

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